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        Masterpact UR - a safety breakthrough in electrical distribution

        Schneider Electric’s long standing presence in the global marine sector is getting stronger.
        Masterpact UR has been developed at the request of one of the world’s biggest shipping and contracting companies who has already purchased twelve units.

        Rolls-Royce Marine Norway, a major actor in the offshore marine sector, has also selected the Masterpact UR for their latest offshore supply and service vessels electrical design.
        Four anchor handling ships UT731CD ordered by Farstad Shipping, three UT 788CD ordered by Lewek Shipping and two UT788CD ordered by COSL in China, will be equipped with a Masterpact UR 5000A.

        Hans Martin Hjørungnes, head of Electrical Systems, Rolls-Royce Ship Technology says:
        For these new advanced offshore vessels, the Masterpact UR has been chosen as it provides the required flexibility and economic operation of the electrical network covering the wide range of power consumption in different work phases. In addition, an optimum safety is achieved due to the strong limitation of the short circuit current offered by the Masterpact UR circuit-breaker”.

        Masterpact UR is the only low voltage power circuit breaker with an ultra rapid opening system on a very high short circuit level. Its breaking performance limits the short circuit current and consequently protects the electrical installation against the electrodynamics and thermal effects of the short circuit, says Marc Bretteville, LVP Products & Services Manager at Schneider Electric.

        The Masterpact UR breaker marks a breakthrough in the world of electrical distribution for the marine and offshore sector making it possible to avoid medium voltage equipment and instead stick to low voltage equipment. Inserting the Masterpact UR as a bus coupler in the installation makes it possible to reduce the short circuit peak current by approximately 30 to 40 % and allows the electrical network to remain in low voltage. Customers benefit substantially through savings not only in the installation phase but also throughout the entire operation life of the electrical network. The advanced technology reduces the unwanted consequences of short circuits up to 690 V.

        Marc Bretteville adds:
        - Power consumption on ships and offshore platforms is increasing thereby creating a demand for more powerful generators. However, medium voltage networks collide with the strong space limitation on ships and offshore platforms.

        With its unique features Masterpact UR is the solution to the problem.