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        Новини: Електроразпределение

        Morocco: Lafarge chooses Schneider Electric to extend its cement plant

        Schneider Electric Morocco won this contract with Lafarge via the contractor, Mangin Egly. The supplies delivered include medium and low voltage equipment, reactive energy compensation equipment, secure power supplies and services.

        Scope of our supply
        > Medium voltage equipment: 63/5.5 KV incoming substation (5 x AD3 MCset cubicles) and 5.5 KV substation (35 x AD3 & AD1 MCset cubicles that will be delivered by P&EC and 11 power transformers between 1000KVA and 1600KVA ordered from France Transfo).
        > Low voltage equipment: 9 x 80-column Okken MCC panels will be produced and commissioned by Schneider Electric Morocco.
        > Reactive energy compensation equipment: 4 MV capacitor banks between 80KVAR and 670KVAR and 10 LV SAH capacitor banks between 450KVAR and 700KVAR.
        > Secure power supplies: 11 x 15KVA and 30KVA UPS will be supplied and commissioned by Schneider Electric Morocco.
        > Schneider Electric Morocco will also provide the following services for this supply: engineering studies, programming, configuration, on-site assembly, commissioning and training.

        Supplying reliable equipment and responding to our customer’s needs for the cement production unit located in Tetouan (Northern Morocco) helped Schneider Electric win the confidence of Lafarge. The above items will help double the plant’s clinker (constituent of cement) production capacity.

        Lafarge is one of our global strategic account, and number one in Morocco.
        This project is a success: the result of considerable specification effort and effective teamwork between SGBD team, Schneider Electric Morocco, P&EC and France Transfo.