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        Новини: Електроразпределение

        Canalis Evolution: a Busway system that is reliable and adaptable to your changing needs for distributing electrical current throughout the entire building

        Canalis Evolution is the coherent and comprehensive Busway system, from 20 to 5000A, for lighting and power distribution in all types of tertiary commercial and industrial buildings. It is designed for use with all Schneider Electric distribution components (switchgear, low voltage switchboards, etc.) and provides a clear, tidy, reliable and adaptable distribution architecture.

        Canalis Evolution is an extension to the existing range with increased performances.
        A new range of Canalis KBL IP30 and IP55 light fittings and an aesthetic, high luminosity lighting track have been added to the lighting offer for small and medium-sized retail surfaces. And what’s more, lighting control connectors can be fitted to Canalis KDP, allowing the supply and control of light fittings in partitioned offices.

        Current distribution levels have been increased with new ratings: 160A for Canalis KN and up to 1000A for Canalis KS. The Busways now accept new rigid and ergonomic plastic tap-off units up to 125A. Fast fitting suspension systems and accessories to lay feeder cables simplify installation. The Canalis KT range now includes adjustable elements for very easy on-site adaptation. It also includes adjustable supports for rising mains.

        Canalis Evolution:assets that make a difference
        • solution for all building types:
          • IP 55 protection degree for all the range
          • Sprinkler test compliant
        • Safety of personnel and equipment:
          • Reliable, maintenance free electrical links
          • No contact with live parts
          • Mismatch mechanism and on-load unplugging security
          • Reduced risks due to exposure to magnetic fields
          • PVC and halogen free: no toxic gasses are given off in the event of a fire; and the materials used are 100% recyclable
        • Improvement in living environment:
          • Sober and modern design, in harmony with the Prisma Plus and Kaedra enclosures range,
          • Integrates naturally into all buildings and contributes to improving the working environment: tidy and bright factories, retail surfaces, offices, etc.