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        Новини: Електроразпределение

        France: New world rail speed record for the French high-speed train

        Schneider Electric's challenge:Provide a faultless electric power supply in extreme conditions for the new cross-border East TGV high-speed train link Not less than 18 months of preparation were required to achieve this world record. Parties to the "Secret" (name of the project) were such corporate names as Alstom Transport, SNCF (France’s railway operator), RFF (France’s railway infrastructure company), and Schneider Electric.

        Products adapted to the specific characteristics of the customer's applications
        Supplying equipment to boost and maintain power in order to meet the stringent requirements of railway speed levels never before achieved…
        The Rectiphase industrial unit was able to adapt, to meet the customer's requirements, emphasized Véronique Philippon, the unit's Director: "The partnership with SNCF allowed us to become familiar with their application and adapt our products to their specific needs. The pursuit of higher performance levels for this key customer allowed us to challenge our own performance levels and all of those involved in this project are now proud to share this success".

        Two capacitor banks were thus been provided. They were installed on either side of the railway and were designed to reach and maintain a sufficient voltage level to support the power consumed by a train travelling at very high speed. These products had to deliver unique performance and were manufactured internally in the utmost secrecy in an effort, meeting highly strict specifications.

        Christian Courtois
        Electric Traction Engineering Department – SNCF
         “The promptness of Schneider Electric teams to meet our needs, the service’s quality, the performance of the equipment during the test phase... Schneider Electric proved us to be the best professional.”
        The offerings provided by Rectiphase are part of the portfolio of solutions offered by Schneider Electric to its customers for greater "energy efficiency"
        The power factor correction and filtering solutions, as developed for the TGV high speed train project, are designed to meet the customers' need to increase the available power, optimize the electrical installation, reduce capex and operating costs while improving the quality of the energy provided.

        In June, Rectiphase had the pleasure of welcoming its RFF customer. This was the perfect occasion to reflect on this mutual success. While the project resulted in breaking new speed records, it was also the opportunity to put our technical solutions to the test in extreme and controlled conditions, and to exhibit our presence and expertise in a market with high potential.

        Behind the scenes … A special record achieved in special conditions
        - 25,000 HP represent nearly 2 times the power generated by all the cars at the start of a Formula 1 Grand Prix race, and the total power released by the train, or 19.6 megawatts. In comparison, a traditional train develops 9.3 megawatts, or roughly 12,500 HP
        - 31,000 Volts in the catenaries
        - 100,000 hours of development, 200 hours of testing

        More information on Rectiphase
        - Power factor correction and filtering activity
        - A subsidiary of Schneider Electric based in Pringy, France, Rectiphase specialises in power factor correction and filtering for Schneider Electric throughout the world.