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        Новини: Електроразпределение

        LBSkit offer now up to 36 kV

        LBSkit is a component offer of comprising SF6 Load
        Break Switch and Disconnector with their auxiliaries and accessories designed for indoor applications, up to 36 kV.

        • LBSkit, a comprehensive range designed to provide you with maximum flexibility:
          • Load break switch 630 A with manual or motorized operating mechanisms
          • Disconnector switch 630 A or 1250 A with manual operating mechanism
          • Accessories:auxiliary contacts, coils …
          • Additional components:field distributors, earthing switch, fuse trip system …

          • LBSkit, designed to meet your requirements:
            • Upgradeability
            • Compactness
            • Reduced maintenance
            • Ease of installation
            • Easy and safe to operate
            • Product designed with telecontrol in mind
            • Product with adapted fuse-switch protection

          • New:catalogue up to 36 kV, including selection guides
            • to help you select the right components by function and by rated voltage
            • to get directly the commercial reference