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        Новини: Електроразпределение

        A new customer partner, decision-maker and specifier:the Architect.

        This year, Schneider Electric has decided to build a first relationship with the Architects population. To reach this objective, Schneider Electric recently became a "Gold Sponsor" of the UIA - International Union of Architects, an international body which regroups all the National Architects Associations (~ 1.300.000 architects, from 116 countries).

        The objective of the UIA is to open the Architects population to new technologies, solution and offers, by building partnerships with company like ours. And we are sharing the same objectives of professional excellence and sustainable development.

        A major actor in our business

        "Historically, we have always been working with the technical design offices, explains Gérard Fauconnet, Marketing Excellence Vice President. But we feel that, more and more, the 3 actors present in the design of a building, the architect, the technical design office and the quantity surveyor, will interfere one with the others.

        The Architect, will be more and more concerned by the Performance of the building, for instance the specification of power & control solutions, energy efficiency, sustainability issues, etc. This population is becoming a major actor in our business…" An actor in our markets, Building and Residential essentially, with whom Schneider Electric should develop more relations.

        The partnership with UIA will help us promote our products, equipment and solutions towards architects. It is the first step to build a true and valuable relationship with them.

        Other initiatives will follow, such as working groups on specific themes, all to reach a common objective for Schneider Electric and the architects:Contributing to customers’ performance.