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        Новини: Електроразпределение

        Schneider Electric introduces fault detection system in Jordan

        "To convince somebody to use a system for the first time in his network, a system with which he is not used to, is a major difficulty," says Iyad Haddadin, Senior Marketing Engineer - MV & Services Jordan.
        But that is the challenge the team in Jordan decided to take with IDECO to supply Easergy, the wireless communication fault detection complete systems, on its overhead and underground network.

        A first in East Med
        It is the first time such type of products and systems are sold in East Med countries. And a clear process had to be defined to gain confidence of our customer. "As soon as we came to know that Schneider Electric France was willing to market these products in our area, we took the initiative to present this offer to our customers. Training, seminars... our team in Jordan learned all about the system," and explained it to the 3 national electrical distribution companies, IDECO, EDCO and JEPCO.

        During a full year, IDECO even tested our complete system on their network with a sample we provided. And by January 2007, thrilled by all the advantages it could offer and how they could gain time over fault detection, they decided to go ahead with the project.

        From detection to transmission of the information
        What the system can do:
        - Detect fault currents on Medium Voltage overhead and underground network
        - Time stamp faults and voltage dips and store them in memory
        - Transmit information to the computer
        - Provide all useful information for fault finding and preventive maintenance
        - Be self supplied at all times, including during outages