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        Новини: Електроразпределение

        The Electrical Installation Guide: 2007 version online

        These 2 guides were published on the occasion of Initiative Nice, held from January 29th to February 2nd 2007, and more than 3000 guides have been given out to our customers, design offices and engineers.

        The Electrical Installation Guide has 2 new chapters:

        - Energy Efficiency:
        This chapter gives practical examples of installations such as "all-in-one products" and gives details of how designers choose the right measurement locations on a network. It also contains Modbus/ Ethernet wiring recommendations.

        - Architecture selection process:
         This chapter lists and explains the major rules for the optimal choice of an electrical distribution architecture, from user construction needs to configuration, schematic and product solutions.

        The Automation Solution Guide is the new name for the current "Practical aspects of industrial control technology" document.

        This guide, also known as the "Schémathèque" [diagram library], has been updated and completed.
        In the last 20 years, the world of industrial automation has seen vast changes.

        A traditional automation product manufacturer such as Schneider Electric has to face these market and technology challenges while protecting the investments that the customers have made in the past and for which they expect long term service and compatibility.

        In order to satisfy the growing demand for solutions and to take into account the evolution of technology, Schneider Electric has developed a "Solution Approach" based on automation architectures.
        Schneider Electric's "Solution Approach" aims at providing fully tested automation architectures that OEMs and System Integrators, in particular, can adapt to define the appropriate solution. This guide provides a practical presentation of the "Solution Approach".

        It is available in French and English versions.