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Автоматизация и контрол

          Новини: Автоматизация и контрол

          Circuit breakers up to 30 kW TeSys GV3

          A range of 9 to 65 A circuit-breakers
          Ingenuity and simplicity are the key words of this new range : thank to its new EverLink power terminals, the new range of GV3 circuit-breakers assures improved reliability of connections over time. EverLink is designated to maintain a constant tightening force on the cables and assures a strong, safe and long lasting connection in the most demanding environments.

          New patented technology EverLink
          It assures a permanent tightening quality of the cable conductors. Even in the event of conductor creep, the connection force on the cables is assured due to the spring effect of the power connectors.

          The advantages of the EverLink connection are multiple :

          • Reduced maintenance time
          • Safety of the connections
          • Operator safety.