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Автоматизация и контрол

          Новини: Автоматизация и контрол

          Twido, the automation solution for Car Wash

          Located in South of France at Pennes Mirabeaux city, Avenir Concept Automation offers its services in automation, remote monitoring, home automation, computer science, training. For its installations of automatism, the company includes Schneider-Electric solutions.

          During its last automation project, Avenir Concept Automation carried out a retrofit plan for car wash centers. The at stake was to pass from a single PLC plant management (in case of break-down of the automation part, all the equipments were out of order) to a « multi-PLC » solution looking to guarantee a better level of service in case of partial dysfunction.

          Each center was equipped of an automation Solution + Human Machine Interface :

          • Twido Ethernet (10 PLCs per car wash center),
          • Magelis XBT GT (display of the defects of the center, double counter display, Reset)
          PLCs ensure
          • The correct operation of each washing track (management of the washing programm : duration, calculation of washing products consumption…) and vacuum unit (duration).
          • An accurate management of the cashbox : customer counter, turnover counter by track, counter per coin
          Automotive car wash center is equipped with « Defect Twido » which has an important part to play in the site management :
          • Identification of the problems (intrusion, thermic defect, miss of voltage…).
          • SMS warning in case of technical problems.
          • Remote connection on PLCs to check operating conditions.
          Every day, the manager receives by e-mail a report about the site working order (counters, PLCs state). Thanks to this architecture, each washing and vacuum track becomes independent. In the event of breakdown, the rest of the center continues to work.

          Thanks to the implementation of a Schneider Electric Automation Solution, about 10 car wash centers are currently in good working order. A potential of 10 to 15 centers is expected in 2007.